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Colorhits: Color Me A Bad Ass Hit

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Colorhits is a music discovery program that recommends music based on the color of the album cover. Users are able to select their music based on a three color scheme and fifteen different genres.

The company, which is still in beta, states that it has up to 2 million albums in its database to choose from. However, most of the music I saw was from novelty acts and indie artists. I did see a healthy amount of major label artists like Ryan Leslie and music from older artists like Johnny Cash.

Once you have chosen which album or artist you want to listen to, you are sent to a page with a media player that lets you listen to 30 second audio previews with the option of sharing it with your social networks or purchasing it via iTunes or Amazon.

Overall I think its a pretty cool idea that may work well once Colorhits gets some more popular music in its library and add some additional features. As of now, its only available on desktop and I’m not sure what mobile format(s) it will launch in. Colorhits is a very simple program to use, so I think it would be easy for most people to pick up on it just needs to add some more excitement and higher quality music. I’m not sure if this is something I would make a part of my everyday life, but’s it’s definitely a cool thing to play around with.