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Clive Davis and Whitney Houston:The Greatest Love of All

1 1993

I’m sure most of you have probably caught wind of the passing of Whitney Houston. When I heard the news , I got a text from a friend saying “have you heard about Whitney Houston.” I remember thinking to myself what has she done now. As I searched her name I saw the unthinkable splattered all across the web. I immediately went into blogger mode and thought I need to hurry up and post something. But, then I began to thinking Why?

I’m sure there are a 100 other sites as we speak working on their “top 100 Whitney Houston songs” or whatever lists to get a few hits, but I don’t feel the need to do so. I just woke up a few minutes ago and I remembered attending an Learning Access event in LA about four years ago where Clive Davis was the featured Speaker.

Clive Spoke for about 45 minutes and most of his time was spent talking about his success and his prized singer, Whitney Houston. Clive Davis is probably the greatest music man who walked the face of the earth and has signed some of the greatest acts of all-time such Outkast, Alicia Keys, Notorious B.I.G., Usher, Kelly Clarkson and Pink. However, he was a man obsessed with making sure Whitney Houston made a come back.

I can still hear him smiling and referring to Whitney as the “greatest singer in the world” and when asked by an audience member how she was doing he stated, “Whitney is doing fine and you’ll be hearing some new music from her soon. Out of all artists that Clive has worked with his relationship with Whitney Houston was ‘The Greatest Love of All.”

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