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Classify Spotify App Review

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Classify Spotify App Review

When first using the Classify Spotify App, one must get past the very plain and unspectacular interface. There is no coloring and no fancy banners to attract your attention to any special features. However, once you spend time simply scrolling through the many methods of playlist choices to navigate through, you’ll soon see that sometimes, simpler is better.

Classify is a Spotify application which allows you to search through numerous playlists of various types of classical music. Although I’m not a classical music enthusiast by any means, I do enjoy listening to raw orchestra instrumentation at its finest during hours of study and reading.

The first batch of recommended playlists to scroll through include: The 50 Greatest Pieces, Classical Spring Music, Deutsche Grammophon, and Classical Chillout, just to name a few. Of course, options to subscribe to these playlists are right there beneath the album cover players.

Beneath the recommended playlists are a list of the greatest classical composers of in history including: Mozart, Schubert, Schuman, Vivaldi, and Wagner. Although this list seems a bit small for the time being, clicking on any of these names will direct you to a well written informative profile sheet and a list of playlists featuring music of the chosen composer. This is a delightful feature which I found enlightening and worthy of commendation.

Beneath the list of side-to-side scrolling composers are various playlist collections dedicated to specific music eras from medieval through the 20th century and contemporary times. Each section has its own informative summary along with playlists dedicated to the specific era.

If specific composers and era’s aren’t enough to stimulate your classical curiosity there are more playlists categorized by instrument, mood, and even themes. The themes are broken down by opera, soloists, symphonies, and chamber music for those with no specific fancy in mind. Even the instruments category lays out a brief detail of the history of the instrument in itself, which I thought to be incredibly insightful. Knowledge of the music in itself in my opinion is just as important as knowing the name of any specific composition.

I believe the folks behind Classify seem to have every angle covered for their target listening base and have me impressed with this app more than the others I’ve reviewed to date. Just as the other apps however, there seems to be a playback malfunction when clicking the play button on any playlist after the first click. You have to actually go to the playlist to hear the music, which has become a bit of an annoyance when reviewing these apps.

I’m rating Classify 4/5 with definite promise a higher rating once more visual appeal is added and glitches are fixed.

Matt G is independent recording artist and viral marketing expert from Austin, TX. His music can be heard at: mattgmuzik.com