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Ciara’s “Ciara” Album Review

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After a three-year hiatus, Ciara has returned with a self-titled comeback that’s barely more than mediocre. While there are flashes of the award-winning R&B star buried in the album, they’re hard to find buried in the over-confident, unastonishing tracks.

“Body Party”, Ciara’s first single, is a catchy, revved up track. The super sexed up, bedroom drive is probably the best song on the album next to Nicki Minaj’s two contributions. “I’m Out” and “Livin’ It Up” are empowering and fun listens, but in between these three tracks, there is little cohesion. What I’ve learned from this album is that I don’t really know who Ciara is.

The album is stuffed mainly with fillers. Even the opening track “I’m Out”, which I don’t hate, is a little too reminiscent of a Beyonce song. But Ciara makes it clear that she’s not worried about haters or critics in her song “Keep on Lookin” “I would tell you haters to f-ck off, but I’m still such a lady/ Hate to say that ‘I told ya,’ now you see I ain’t playing/ I’m on another level, you should come get like me/ Can’t no one do it better, is that so hard to believe?” Her confidence makes me want to like her, but she hasn’t yet convinced me that she can live up to the standards already set by the R&B goddesses that came and dominated before her.

The album ends on an addictive, EDM charged finale titled “Overdose”. The song will probably sweep the charts and the radio waves soon because of its catchy hooks and oozing up-tempo funk, but I am still not 100% sold on Ciara’s comeback.

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