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Chris Brown Spends 40 Minutes in Jail

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Singer and dancer Chris Brown spent only 40 minutes in jail this past Monday for a hit-and-run he was apart of back in May of this year. Brown was supposed complete a six month sentence starting Tuesday. Instead, the Run It singer turned himself into a LA jail a day early and was let out very soon afterward, TMZ reported. Maybe he was let out on good behavior? The real reason has yet to be announced.

After his jail stint, Brown tweeted out that he is thinking of retiring from music. He claims that his next album, X, which is to be released on the 20 of August, is slated to be his final album. That tweet has since been deleted but does this mean that Brown will be out of the spotlight for good? Only time will tell. If you take a look in the past, many artists claimed to retire only to never leave the business, take Jay Z for example. He’s put out five albums since he retired. Retired life must be boring!

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