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Cee Lo Green’s Top 5 Cover Song Videos

Cee Lo Green is a man of many talents, and his musical tastes vary wildly from one genre to the next. With that in mind we thought it would be fun to check out some videos where Cee Lo covers other people’s tunes, instead of people covering his. If you’re a fan of this musical man sit back, relax, and listen to our picks for Cee Lo Green’s Top 5 Cover Songs courtesy of YouTube.

MTV New Years Eve – Darling Nikki

I saw this one live when it aired… yeah I’m that old. It wasn’t my first experience with Cee Lo, but it definitely left a lasting impression as the man can rock out when he wants to.

The Voice – Everyday People

I’ve been watching The Voice since the first episode, and half of America had big ol’ smiles on their faces when Cee Lo hit the stage to perform a cover of Sly and the Family Stone’s Everyday People. Some of the contestants seemed a little out of place in this one, but the team seemed to kill it and Cee-Lo was great as usual.


Live from Daryl’s House – I can’t go for That

Gnarls Barkley – Reckoner

Live from Daryl’s House – One on One