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Bun B of UGK Talks Record Industry Rules For Artists

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“Industry Rule #4080 / Record company people are shady,” is a line from New York hip hop legends A Tribe Called Quest. Which immediately begs the question: What are the other 4079? In our new series on RBMA, Industry Rule, we’re talking to artists about the rules that they’ve learned throughout their time in the business. Record deals, booking agents, getting your publishing sorted and more. Our latest edition features Southern rapper Bun B.Flying the flag for your city can be hard sometimes. Especially when you aren’t from a metropolis like New York or London. Bun B knows a thing or two about how to grab the ears of big city record labels, though. As part of UGK along with the late Pimp C, he helped bring Southern hip hop to new heights in 1996 with Ridin’ Dirty after years in the trenches of the regional rap scene. He continues to be an important part of the hip hop world, but the lessons he learned during his first days in the major label world are the ones that he shared with us when he sat on the Academy couch in 2008.

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