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Bruno Mars Prepares to Perform at Super Bowl

Bruno+Mars+GRAMMY+Nominations+Concert+Live+EYUKur3BIQQlThe Super Bowl is just two days away and I know that you’re getting ready to host a party. You either rooting for the Seattle Seahawks, or the Denver Broncos, or which ever company delivers the best commercial. Let’s face it, you are only watching the big game because of the commercials…and because of Bruno Mars. Mars is performing during halftime alongside Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Fox News asked the question why – or rather – how did Bruno Mars get the Super Bowl gig. Mars stated that he still feels like a new artist but with two hit albums under his belt, he’s anything but. The only issue Mars has going for him during the Halftime show is the cold weather. Because the open stadium is going to be brisk, “the microphone turns into a Popsicle,” said Mars.


What are we going to expect from the ‘Grenade’ singer? Mars stated that he would be singing in Spanish. Mars, if you don’t know, is actually half Puerto Rican. Band Red Hot Chili Peppers were said to cover Led Zeppelin but that was just a rumor and they have since denied it.


Bruno Mars is one of the youngest artists to perform during the Halftime show at 28. He says he’s grateful to perform and that he’s not scared.

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