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Brittany Murphy Death May Have Been Foul Play

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Brittany_MurphyIt’s been seen everywhere on the Internet. Brittany Murphy may not have passed away from complications from pneumonia and anemia but she may have been murdered, or poisoned to be exact. The 32-year-old actress passed away late 2009 and caused many hellacious rumors about her private life. One of the many rumors that began to spread was that she was anorexic. Of course, this was throwing more dirt on Murphy’s somewhat spotty name at the time.

Murphy’s father, Angelo Bertolotti, was able to commission a brand new autopsy on her hair revealing high levels of metals in her system. The report says that Murphy had  two to nine times higher amounts of metal than what the World Health Organization deems as high. In other words, the amount of metal in Murphy’s body, according to the report commissioned by her father, was extremely high.

What makes this case more suspicious is that Murphy’s husband, Simon Monjack, died months later from the same causes, pneumonia and anemia. However, the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office has decided not to go forth with re-examining Brittany Murphy’s body and they stand by their original report.


Director of UF Health Forensic Medicine at University of Florida, Bruce Goldberger, has said that the report is inconclusive with the original autopsy. “The bottom line is these hair test results cannot be used to support any allegation of poisoning, and cannot be used to establish a cause and manner of death,” said Goldberger to ABCNews.com. He also stated that if she was poisoned with metals, she would lines or the appearance of lines in her fingernails, a sign that the autopsy failed to show.

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