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Britney Jean Spears By The Numbers

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Britney By The Numbers


With a new album dropping on Tuesday, November 26, Britney Spears should be respected for her achievements and longevity. I know she is not the best singer of all times by far. I know she’s the pop princess and considered a guilty pleaser among many social circles, but in the words of Jay-Z “men lie, woman lie, numbers don’t.


True she doesn’t rank on the top 5 selling female artist list, but she should still be placed in that group of elite female vocalist. I know I’m contradicting myself, but keep in mind that Britney sold 55 million copies as a combined total of her first two albums.

Her first album was released in 1999. Times have changed since then. In the 90s compact disks flew off shelves constantly. In that period, everything that was released at least went gold. If you couldn’t sell 500k in the 90s then you truly weren’t going to succeed in any industry, let alone the music industry. With that said, it’s no wonder artists like Madonna, Mariah, Whitney, Janet and Barbara Streisand were able to sell thirty and fifty million albums worldwide every time they recorded their vocals to a track. Britney would have too given that luxury.


Because of the new structure of the business and the new digital age where music is basically accessed for free. Those numbers will never be beat. That class of artists will forever hold those titles.

Britney By The Numbers

Britney on the other hand released her first album in 1999. She sold 30 million albums worldwide and 25 million with her second album. After that point we watch not only Brittney’s numbers fall, but also the entire industry.


Say what you want though, she is still the active elite queen of pop in my book. You can opinionate and converse about her being over produced or not being the strongest singer, but her influence and success does the bragging for her.


This is not to say I am Britney’s biggest fan, but respect is due for her longevity in the business.


I give you Britney Jean Spears by the numbers.


Britney By The Numbers

1.Baby One more time

Worldwide album sales: over 30 million copies

Live tour gross: over 35 million

Britney By The Numbers

 2. Oops… I Did It Again

Worldwide album sales: over 24 million copies

Live tour gross: over $52 million

Britney By The Numbers


Worldwide album sales: over 15 Million copies

Live tour gross: over $58 million

Britney By The Numbers

In The Zone

Worldwide album sales: over 10 Million copies

Live tour gross: over $35 million before it was cancelled due to an injury to Britney’s knee.

Britney By The Numbers

Black Out

Worldwide album sales: over 3.1 Million copies

Live tour gross: No tour followed due to Britney’s personal life issues.

Britney By The Numbers


Worldwide album sales: Over 4 million

Live tour gross: over $135 million

Britney By The Numbers

Femme Fatale

Worldwide album sales: 2.2 million

Live tour gross: over $68 million

Now that we’ve discussed that I would like to point out that we have not taken into account the number for the signals released from those albums. If we were to touch on those numbers we would be at this all day.


I’ll stop bragging on her behalf now. I just wanted to pay my respect before I tear her new album Britney Jean apart in my next review post.

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