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Britney Jean Album Review

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Britney By The Numbers


The new album Britney Jean drops on Tuesday December 2. It’s primarily produced by Will-I-Am and she does what she always does. Compared to her previous works it’s not her best, but in a class of her own. For Britney fans it’s another winner and if you’re on the sideline with no interest in Britney or overproduced pop records, well nothing changes here. You can remain annoyed.


She receives help from Jamie Lynn Spears, Will-I-Am and T.I. These three tracks that include the featured guest in my opinion are the highlights of the album. I don’t feel like I’ve heard any hit songs. She may skate by on the radio because of her name and status, but this is truly a pop lover and Britney fan’s album. It’s short sweet and to the point.


In retrospect, I believe its time for her to release another truly personal album with experimental production from producers whom she hasn’t worked with as of yet. Her voice and sound is becoming repetitive. With her longevity, I would normally say it is what it is and she has peaked as far as artist growth is concerned, but in her case I believe the opposite. Like her idol Madonna, it’s time to reinvent her self. She has nothing left to prove so shock us.


Score: 7


Rating System

10 – Instant Classic – must have

09 – Great Album just short of classic

08 – Good Album recommend checking out

07 – Above average more upside then down

06 – Worth the listen, has a few moments

05 – Average, maybe core fan base will enjoy

04 – You’re not missing much if you skip this one

03 – Bad album- let down

02 – Trash- don’t waste your time

01 – Everyone involved in this album needs to reevaluate their life





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