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BREAKING: Beanie Sigel Shot Again, Can’t Catch a Break


Photo Jeff Fusco

Rapper Beanie Sigel, notably known for being shot in December of 2014 (and for his rhyming skills, obviously) has been hospitalized once more following a shooting this Thursday morning. News broke this afternoon that rapper Sigel, born Dwight Grant 1974, was taken into Englewood Hospital and Medical Center this morning with what sources close to the rapper are saying is a “doctor appointment.”

The Rock the Mic rapper was snuck into the hospital at around 7:15 am where he had to wait in the lobby for 90 minutes before being able to meet with his doctor. Once inside the room, the rapper was prepped for a tetanus shot, bandaged, and given a lollipop for his good behavior.

This is the second time in two months that Sigel has been shot. On December 5, the Philly rapper was shot near his New Jersey home, which resulted in his lung having to be removed. This time, the rapper was given shots to remove deadly bacteria from his immune system.

Sigel has released six studio albums and starred in multiple films including Paper Soldiers. Sigel has been rapping since 1994 and is working on a brand new mixtape. For all the latest information surrounding the Philly rapper, stay with So So Active.

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