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‘Brave’ and ‘Roar’ Inspire Patients and Staff at Children’s Hospitals

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Before you go any further, grab a handful of tissues and come on back. If you’re a human being with a beating heart, you will be incapable of watching these videos without shedding a tear or two. Or, if you’re like me, you won’t be able to stop crying for the entire duration of the videos. So please, heed my advice and grab a tissue—or an entire box—before pressing ‘play.’

Sara Barielles’ song “Brave” has become a huge hit in the past few months. The nurses at University of Minnesota Amplatz Children’s Hospital immediately felt as though “Brave” was about their patients—kids of all ages fighting for their lives each and every day. The staff took it upon themselves to make a music video of the patients and staff singing along to Barielles’ “Brave.” Though their initial goal was just to show the community just how brave these kids are, it has gained a much wider audience than they expected, including Sara Barielles herself.

Following in the inspirational video footsteps comes Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s video featuring the staff and patients singing and dancing to Katy Perry’s hit “Roar.”

You cannot watch these videos and not be inspired by the courage each and every single one of these kids have. I have no doubt that every day is not as happy or easy for them as displayed in the videos, and it may be hard for them to be brave and harness their “roar,” but these songs obviously have the power to help strengthen them. Watching these kids puts everything in perspective—if they can endure everything that comes with their illness and still have a smile on their face, then surely we have nothing to complain about.

Kudos to Sara Barielles and Katy Perry for creating such inspiring songs that have made such an impact on these children’s lives, but we must also recognize the strength of the families and staff who must watch these kids go through terrible things every day and still have the strength to stand next to them. But most importantly of all, the real heroes are the children in these videos, as well as every other child who is sick and have had their childhood taken from them.

Stay brave and never lose your roar.

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