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Brandy “Two Eleven” Album Review

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After four years and a brief stint as Bran’Nu, Brandy is back with her 6th and most recent studio album Two Eleven, released on October 12, 2012. I had a chance to listen and compare to her previous albums (I admit I hadn’t listened to a full Brandy album since Full Moon…) and here are my thoughts:

Overall I thought the album as a whole was actually quite similar to Full Moon. Originally I was kind of disappointed, thinking that Brandy hadn’t really diversified her sound since her last album, but then I realized she had 2 albums in between that I hadn’t listened to yet. Having now listened to Afrodisiac and Human Nature, I definitely see a pretty large difference between all 4 of her most recent albums. However, this latest one still reminds me of the heavy electronic influences that Darkchild brought to the majority of Full Moon (which is interesting considering Brandy’s split with him to work with a diverse group of producers after the their experience with Human).

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