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Interview With Boogie Dash and Luke Pascal of Chipz Cookies

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Boogie Dash - Chipz Cookies

Damon “Boogie” Dash II (left) and Luke Pascal (right) at the Upper East Side Fairway Market. Photo from: http://www.chipzcookies.com/blog/chipz-cookies-demo-at-the-upper-east-side-fairway-market/img_1986/

After watching their interview on Hot 97’s YouTube page. I was intrigued and I knew I had to get an interview with budding entrepreneurs Boogie Dash and Luke Pascal. Both come from serious pedigree. Boogie is the son of Rocafella Records Founder and serial entrepreneur Damon Dash and Luke is the son of New York city restaurateur, Vincent Pascal. After exchanging a few emails, I was able to connect with the duo and here are the results.

How does Chipz cookie differ from the rest of the cookies on the market?

Luke: Nowadays chefs use all types of different buzz words to describe what makes their product better than the next. But at the end of the day a cookie is a cookie… What makes our cookie differ from the rest? We have great recipes and a great chef behind Chipz Cookies. When I say we have a great chef… I mean we have one of the best, and his knowledge of food is extremely impressive. Yes, Chipz is All Natural, and no there are no added preservatives… but that is boring, The true knowledge of food, and 30 years in the kitchen is what is truly impressive about our cookies. You can taste the quality in every bite…

Boogie: To be totally honest the thing that differs Chipz from the rest of the cookies is, the cool ideas we have, the people we have supporting it, & the fact that you can get best of both worlds. Meaning the cookies are soft in the middle and hard on the outside.

I’m located in Texas. Do you guys plan on expanding to the southern market soon?

Luke: I would love that! But we are taking our time. We think we are sitting on something special, so we don’t want to rush anything. Our customers are most important and everything single cookie has to be as perfect as the next for them. But you can order them online!

Boogie: I would love for the cookies to be all over the world. I want Chipz to be [everybody’s] favorite cookie. It would be great when everyone my age turns 30-40 to tell their kids how good of a cookie Chipz is.

Do you guys plan on staying independent or would you partner with a larger company like Nabisco?

Luke: I am very open to that idea, but the deal has to be right

Boogie: I’m open to the idea of partnering up with a company like Nabisco, but it has to be beneficial to both companies. If a company like Nabisco told us that we could have the freedom to do whatever we want and we could use their facilities to complete whatever goals we have sure I’m down. The money has to be correct as well.
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At one point did you know you had something special with Chipz?

Luke: I knew before Chipz was even created… Ever since I was a kid, I knew there was always something special about these cookies.

Boogie: Three occasion come to mind. The first is, how much my father loved the cookies. I would bring a bunch home and the next morning pretty much all of them would be gone. The second is, when we used to throw warehouse parties, the cookies would sellout immediately. The last occasion is how fast we got into Fairway. It was only a year after we started Chipz that we got into Fairway.

I see that you and Luke have quite a few projects working right now. Which one would you say is the most exciting for you to work on?

Luke: I am excited about you knowing we have quite a few projects! And I am super excited about the fact that we are working on opening a store… But to me the craziest thing is the music! We just did a song with Murs! If you asked me 4/5 years ago if I would be even making music I would have laughed at you.

Boogie: Theres a lot going on, but my favorite that I’m most inspired by is the fact that we are trying to open up a store. My dream as a child was to do different business than my father such as opening up a grocery store or something along those lines. It’s amazing how close we are to achieving that dream.

What type of advice would you give a young entrepreneur looking to get started?

Luke: Just start working… That’s the hardest part, starting. Also remember what you are working towards when it gets tough. Everyone is trained starting when they are younger to listen to someone else (Parents, Teachers, Bosses, Government). Be the voice that people are listening to, but at the same time make sure you are trusted. At the end of the day your team is what makes or breaks you. And in the beginning, you need to convince your team to work towards same goal as you, and in order to get them to work with you, you need them to trust you and your vision.

Boogie: The first piece of advice I would give to a young entrepreneur is, it’s better to start now then to start when your old and have bills to pay. Also everyone loves the young and up-and-coming, so take full advantage of that. At such a young age there is no such thing as failing. Giving your all for 5 years will make you a pro.

What is the most memorable party that you played?

Luke: Two parties would come to mind. The first is the first party we ever threw. Damon told us to throw a party in like 10 hours and I truly believed it could not be done. But I proved myself wrong… The party was so crazy I remember seeing Damon’s employees sitting on the stairs just watching. One kid came with a garbage can filled with Jungle Juice. After the party Damon called us in and told us he wanted to make a movie about that night and gave me a record deal. The second was a party we threw at Sequoia at the South Street Seaport. It got insane as well and I remember I went outside to take a picture of the line, and I saw two people walk out of the frame of the picture. I looked up and it was 2 ex girlfriends who did not want to be photographed… Got em.

Boogie: Thats a good question. There’s two parties that come to mind. The first is when I played at this festival Camp Bisco in 2010. I played around 5 pm, No one knew who I was but I was playing such a good set that I pretty much had the whole tent packed and rocking out with me for an hour. The second one is the party Luke & I threw at my father’s oil factory (Dash Motor Oil). We had a stage with all kind of lights set up, A really cool lineup (Ski Beatz with Camp Lo, Da$H, Luke & myself). It was really mind-blowing to see how many kids Luke I could bring out. We had about 500-600 kinds all raging for about 5hrs.