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Bloody Brain Cakes and More: The Top 10 Halloween Foods

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While some Halloween treats never get old, Pinterest and digital media has introduced us to a slew of new and creative recipes. Though treats like candy corn and bite size Snickers remain as fan favorites for All Hallow’s Eve, the new millenium has given rise to a new generation of delicatessen like Bloody Brain Cakes and Eyeballs on a Stick. These Halloween Treats are sure to make October 31st a screaming event.

1.  Ghostly Pumpkin Pudding

This pumpkin pudding is finished with a marshmallow ghost-shaped topping, served chilled to all your friends. The ghost eyes can be made from candy eye dots.

2.  Deep Fried Candy Corn

Take your candy corn experience to the next level with this recipe: deep-fried balls of candy corn pieces in a buttermilk batter.


3.  Creepy Spider Cakes

Make these spider snacks with Hostess and Little Debbie snack for the bodies and Pocky candy for the legs. The multiple candy eyes are a necessary addition to make these spider snacks look even more believable.


4.  Candied Apples

Be creative this year and take your candy apples to new heights. Use decoration icing and sprinkle toppings for the added flair.


5.  Bloody Brain Cakes

These cupcakes will be a sure scare, completed with cream cheese icing shaped in a candy brain mold with raspberry sauce for extra “real-looking” blood and brains.


6.  Pumpkin Fudge

Make cubes of pumpkin fudge to impress all your friends at the party; a delectable treat for anytime in the fall or winter season.


7.  Mini Jack-O-Lanterns

Healthy and easy to make, these mini jack-O-lanterns are made from a base of rice and carrot juice.

8.  Hot Spiced Cider

Add to the taste of the fall season with a steaming cup of spiced apple cider. This is even a soothing treat for the Christmas holiday.


9.  Witches’ Brew

Spook everyone with this fizzing green-lime flavored witches’ brew. Finish by wearing a tall witch hat and serving over a bowl of dry ice for the added steam effect.


10. Eyeball Ice & Eyeballs on a Stick

A true Halloween party won’t be complete with out creepy eyeballs!

Eyeball ice cubes are a great addition for serving cold beverages. Made from almost-peeled radishes and olives, they are even edible!


Eyeballs on a stick are made with a cake ball mold to get the eyeball shape. Spread on a thick layer of white frosting around the cake ball for the base eyeball color. Use an upside down LifeSaver gummy for the iris and decoration icing for the finishing details.

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  • Adam McCully

    Pretty sure the deep fried candy corn will kill me if I eat it, but what a way to go!