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Black Musician Daryl Davis Befriends Members Of The KKK?

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Here’s an interesting story I found on the Las Vegas Guardian Express website. Daryl Davis has been known for a long time as a musician. He knew Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, and was even a member of the Muddy Waters Band. However, despite his accomplishments, I’ve never heard of him. Thirty years ago Davis was playing music in an all-white lounge. Him being the only black man there, a white man approached him. That man was a member of the Klu Klux Klan.

However, the two men began a conversation that eventually built up into a relationship. Davis says the conversation began because the white man liked the way he played piano. “he told me this was the first time he heard a black man play as well as Jerry Lee Lewis,” said Davis reminiscing. When Davis explained to him that black musicians taught Jerry Lee Lewis, the man was skeptical but “fascinated.”

Davis was unafraid to walk out the lounge, like most people, including myself. Davis questioned himself while he was there, “Why the hell am I sitting with him?” he said. However, the two developed a relationship and became friends. David claims that music brought them together. However, that didn’t end there. Davis now travels around the country befriending KKK members and even collects robes and hoods worn by former members.


Davis wrote a book, Klan-Destine Relationships and is preparing a follow-up. He has a great story and should check out the story by Rebecca Savastio over at Guardian Express. Also learn more about Davis on his website.

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