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Before there was Drake there was?

Craig David…

I was speaking to a friend of mines a few days ago and I was telling him how similar Drakes singing style is to UK Singer Craig David.

Though Craig David never quite made it big in the U.S. his style has definitely influenced American music and it can be seen in artists like Frank Ocean and Audrey Drake Graham.

Last night for the heck of it I googled the phrase “Drake is the new Craig David,”and I found someone had created a group on Facebook called Drake is just Craig David as a rapper.

Like Drake his father was Black and his mom is white. Drake’s parents seperated when he was a child and he was raised by his Jewish mom. Craig David’s parents seperated when he was child and he was raised by his Jewish mom.

In terms of vocal tone and music selection the R & B Drake definitely owes Craig David a lot of his style and he has been paying homage to him since he was on the mixtape circuit.

On his song ‘Closer’ from his 2007 Comeback Season mixtape Drake raps “Charcoal Charger Racin’ through back streets On my Craig David sh** the Artful Dodger.”

When I heard Drake’s new single ‘Take Care’ feat Rihanna I swore I thought it was Craig David. Below is a video for you to see the comparisions.

Let me know your opinions.

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  • Stacyparkerlemelle

    I’m so glad you wrote this.  I was going to post on FB asking if anyone else thought that Drake sounded exacltly like Craig David on *Take Care* (or maybe all the time, for I don’t listen to Drake, just happened to hear the song and think, hey, Craig David’s back!), but I thought I’d Google and see if others were thinking this and I found your post.  Cool.  Glad I’m not crazy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Kellanddrumgoole Kelland Drumgoole

    you are def not alone 

  • Howie

     Your not alone I thought it was Craid David also!