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    Watch Outkast Coachella Performance (Full Set)

    April 12th, 2014

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    New Music: Brandon Kareem – As the Jazz Band Plays

    April 7th, 2014

    Happy Hour Music.

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    Video: LIL BOOSIE Feat. WEBBIE – Show The World

    April 7th, 2014

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    New Music – La’Wrenne – Chemistry

    March 28th, 2014

    Our very own La’Wrenne has released two singles off her “In your World” EP, which will be released on March 31st. Check out my fav ‘Chemistry.”

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    Homeless Man In Los Angeles Sings an Amazing Song

    March 25th, 2014

    The name is Red…

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    Little R.O.C. Nine Featuring Brandon Kareem – Old Dirty Bastard

    March 19th, 2014

    Little ROC Nine - Old Dirty Bastard

    Here is a video for my latest single – Old Dirty Bastard. Props to Ingrea Iberra, Brandon Kareem and Zeon for helping to make it happen.

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    March 17th, 2014

    Hip Hop and sensationalism are no longer distant cousins. They’re basically siblings in the new millennium. To be totally honest, interest in the genre has been waning more than ever in recent years. So what’s the best way to try breathing some new life into a form of music that’s losing steam? Simple. Attach more dramatic intrigue to it. The evidence can be found throughout the way the music media covers, portrays and perceives Hip Hop, from the most gossip-laden Hip Hop music blog, website or tabloid to the ratchetness found in Hip Hop reality TV, the greatest example being Love & Hip Hop.

    But this isn’t to say that artists and the art form don’t shoulder some of the blame, the latest example coming from SXSW this past week when Odd Future front man and emcee Tyler The Creator was accused of inciting a “riot” at his performance only 24 hours after a fatal accident outside of another of his performances at the annual Austin, TX music festival. Now…do the two events honestly have anything to do with one another? Nope. Was the first incident a tragedy and should we lift the families of the people that lost their lives as they go through what might be an extremely traumatic time? Absolutely. But have both parties, in this case Tyler and the music and news media covering him and his performances, have to take some of the blame on this one.

    On one hand, beyond what we’ve been told by news outlets, Hip Hop and otherwise, we can’t fully surmise what happened with the auto accident outside of Tyler’s concert on Thursday, March 14. And Tyler had little to no knowledge of or control over what was happening in that instance. Therefore, connecting the two events in news reports can be seen as a bit irresponsible. The truth is, we know why it was done. It’s a matter of the news media business model. Whatever is going to get the most views and garner the most traffic is what will get written about, posted and shared. And many of us in this business know that very well. But it’s still an unfortunate that, in this instance, two events that were both unsavory and unfortunate, yet still had little to nothing to do with one another, got connected for the purposes of reporting a news story.

    But on the other hand, can we really say that Tyler helped his cause at all by his actions on the video released by TMZ showing him inciting fans to push their way into a venue past security? Not in the least. Many of us know Tyler The Creator to be a willing participant ruckus and a sensationalist in just about everything he does, seeking continuously to go against the grain. But did he potentially take things a little too far this time? Yup. Never do we as music fans and workers want to see anyone hurt, injured or even have the potential for it. And when it does happen, it’s a drag to report and talk about it. Hell, I have a niece back in my hometown of Detroit that actually called me the day of the incident to see if I was ok because she thought I was back down at SXSW since I went last year.

    Overall, both Tyler The Creator and the news media have to be held accountable, the first for potentially endangering the lives of festival goers, and the second for trying to use two unrelated incidents for the purposes of gaining traffic. And though we probably can’t expect that either actually WILL be held accountable, at least we can try to take a lesson from both incidents and try to do better in the future. As a music journalist that loves what I do, my only hope is that both of them, and all of us involved in this thing called the music business, actually WILL take the time to try doing better.

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    Raz Simone SXSW Pop Up Show Somewhere on 6th St.

    March 14th, 2014

    Raz Simone Pop Up Show
    While I was walking down 6th Street yesterday, I stumbled upon a pop up show starring Seattle’s Raz Simone. I heard about Raz a few weeks ago from a post on Hypebot naming him the first artist to be signed to Lyor Cohen and Kevin Lyles’ 300 Agency. Raz’s energy was crazy, the crowd loved his heartfelt lyrics and he is the first artist I’ve seen to attempt a crowdsurf from the ground level. His new project, Cognitive Dissonance, is available for stream or download at

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    February 21st, 2014

    FX is known these days as the cable network that takes it there, from raunchy and dark yet goofy sitcoms like It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and The League (now both on FXX), to long-standing cult favorites like Justified and Sons Of Anarchy.But Season 1 of The Americans was truly the breakout drama of 2013 for FX.

    Starring Keri Russell an Matthew Rhys as Elizabeth and Phillip Jennings, two Soviet operatives posing as an everyday couple living the American dream in the early 1980s, The Americans is a combination of love story, espionage thriller and historic drama that pulled viewers in with it’s mix of sex & violence, Reagan-era geopolitics, crumbling marriages, lusty affairs and lies of all kinds and sizes. Season 2 is set to premiere on FX on February 26, and those who aren’t fans just yet would do well to catch up by watching Season 1 somewhere online.

    But here are a few of the main plot points that should carry over into the new season and get more people on the bandwagon of deceit and power struggle that is The Americans.


    Season 1 featured scene after scene of Elizabeth (Russell) kicking the crap out of enemies of all kinds. A woman seemingly devoted to the cause of Motherland Russia, Elizabeth will do any and everything necessary to gain the upper hand, no matter who gets bruised or battered along the way. And though she got shot at the end of Season 1 and is in recovery to start Season 2, we should probably expect that she will continue the hand-to-hand come February 26.


    Towards the end of Season 1, Phillip Jennings (Rhys) goes on assignment as a D.C. Internal Affairs worked named Clark and ends up marrying a FBI Secretary Martha Hanson (Alison Wright.) Since his marriage to Elizabeth is already somewhat of a sham, how Phillip balances the two marriages, along with his children and all of the other jobs he has as a KGB spy in Season 2, will be interesting to say the least. But hey, the man is a spy by trade.


    Trying to keep secrets from a teenaged girl is like running through a highway speed trap with a trunk full of coke: eventually, you’ll get caught. And that’s the exact spot that Elizabeth and Phillip Jennings find themselves in at the end of Season and the beginning of Season 2 with their daughter Paige (Holly Taylor). Like any rebellious teen, she’s not satisfied merely with what she’s told. And even with her mother focusing back on her family in Season 2, Paige can’t help but think that the life she knows isn’t everything that it seems.


    Work meme
    It is said that Season 2 of The Americans will feature Elizabeth and Phillip shifting their focus back to the family they’ve created. But with so much on the line between the United States and the Soviet Union in the middle of the Cold War, not to mention the deception and struggles for power on all levels, there’s bound to be at least some of the disintegration fracturing that became such a big part of what made Season 1 so intriguing. Balancing job and home is difficult enough for regular people…try doing it in under the guise of delicately tense foreign relations.



    Those who were alive during the times probably know all too well how high-strung things were back then, and The Americans probably brings back a lot of memories of leaders with their finger on the proverbial red button. It makes for great TV, but let’s not forget that much of what you see could very well be based on real events. Executive Producer Joel Fields and show creator Joe Weisberg felt the need to keep as close to the reality of the time as possible. Here’s hoping that Season 2 does even more of that.



    Noah Emmerich portrays Stan, the Jennings’ next-door neighbor and an FBI Agent hunting down spies from the Soviet Union. In Season 1, the agony of his failing marriage and loneliness consumes him and he beings an affair with Soviet informant Nina (Annet Mahendru.) At first, they are both in it merely for information, but eventually they both seek to fulfill their own lustful and emotional desires. The affair apparently continues in Season 2, but it could very well cost both Stan and Nina much more than they both bargained for, be it their jobs or their lives.


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    The Secret to an Effective Music Website

    February 18th, 2014

    At this day and age, promoting your band online is the most effective way to make your music known and garner more fans, after of course, performing gigs, shows, and doing tours. But if your band isn’t on the road yet and it’s been close to a year after releasing your last EP or album, the best way to continue and make your band’s presence felt is by sprucing up your website and getting active online. If your website isn’t doing an effective job promoting your band, there may be some factors to consider when it comes to de-cluttering your website. There are a lot of widgets, apps, and tools that you can choose from and it only becomes too overwhelming with these myriad of choices that your site ultimately becomes confusing.

    It’s great when you have every social networking share tool at the bottom of every post you make, but are all of those necessary? Use only the major ones such as Facebook and Twitter, and your fans will gladly share your band updates and videos as opposed to being faced with a ton of choices that creates a visual mess. Streamlined, cleaner sites often have more hits because it’s easier to navigate to the information you need. Editing content and choosing only the relevant ones that the fans really look forward to can get you more traffic. For example, online gaming sites are often very easy and familiar to navigate because you want people to play in your website. A great example of a streamlined, polished gaming site is Partypoker. You can easily navigate and locate the games as well as join any poker room you want. The promotions and events section is the first thing that you will encounter, and this will make you play poker even more, and practice your gaming strategies and skills. It makes you want to practice more because it possesses this intelligent game design and a very easy to use game interface. You can also watch online video tutorials and even get tips and pointers from the best poker players around such as Phil Ivey. Signing up to this site is very easy because of its call-to-action strategy – signing up online via your desktop or downloading the mobile version.

    When your website is focusing on just one call-to-action; let’s say for example, you want to increase your mailing list or there’s a new album launch coming up, it’s best to focus on one thing so that fans and visitors can zone in on whatever you want them to. Minimize everything, and everything means, only having one music player and mailing list sign-up form, organizing your videos, and removing inactive forums, search boxes, etc. Also, it’s important to build relations with music websites like Pitchfork, Kerrang and Shout4Music to help promote your band and its website through various posts.

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