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Artist SpotLight: Jake Bugg

Artist Spot Light: Jake Bugg

The English Singer/song writer Jake Bugg makes his big American break through with his new album Shangri La. Shangri La is also the name of Rick Rubin’s recording studio, he produced the album.  What a privilege it must have been to work with a legend. He also had Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Drummer) play a major roll on the album as well.

Artist Spot Light: Jake Bugg

Jake grew up in Nottingham where he picked up a guitar at the age of twelve. His influences are The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Johnny Cash. These influences show vividly in his music.

Artist Spot Light: Jake Bugg

Jake dropped out of school at the age of sixteen to pursue his music career. He hasn’t looked back since.


At the age of 19, he now has two albums under his belt and growing cult following.


They way I see it, for a young teenager his love for music and old school feel is remarkable. Catching the attention of Rick Rubin is one of the biggest compliments you can have. Rick doesn’t work with artist unless he really wants to.

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If Johnny Cash, Tom Petty and The Beatles join together to have a child Jake Bugg would be it. I don’t think he’ll find his way to the bright lights of pop culture, however I don’t think that’s what he’s going for.


I do expect to see a lot more from Jake in the coming years. His sound and style will bring him a large cult following and at some point in his career he will score the big hit of a lifetime.


Jake Bugg is definitely an artist to watch.

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