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Are You Tired of Top 10 Lists?

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Interesting question huh? Well, before I started this blog I wasn’t familiar with the concept of making top ten lists. However, I definitely added them to my repertoire because they make blogging less time-consuming on days that I am cramming for ideas.

A couple of weeks ago, I had to give myself a real reality check because I noticed that I had written about three stories in a row that were all lists. I began thinking to myself, “making top ten lists are cool only if they add value for the reader.”

Last night, I was surfing the web and I ran across a cool site called top10.com. Top10.com makes it even easier for lazy bloggers and writers looking for topics to write on by allowing its users to create a top ten list of just about any topic you can imagine.

Right now you can create a list of just about anything you like from your favorite songs, blogs, or entertainers. In addition, the facebook application is available at Top10.

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