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Apple Acquiring An Italian Music Editing Start- Up Redmatica

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Since the beginning of the new millennium, the one company that has made itself arguably the top brand in cutting edge digital music hardware has been Apple.

With its creation of iTunes, the introduction of the iPod, and even the lesser-known Ping digital music social networking platform, Apple has continued to remain at the forefront of the digital music revolution.

Now, there may exist the possibility that Apple will throw its hat into the music software game as well. As reported originally on the Italian blog FanPage and later on popular tech news website TechCrunch, rumors are surfacing that Apple has acquired a small Italian start up named Redmatica that specializes in creating digital music editing applications.

The main product developed and sold by Redmatica is a music-editing app called Keymap Pro, which is an editor for sampled instruments. But the Redmatica websites lists four products in total – including the AutoSampler 2.3, the ProManager 3.3, and the GBS SamplerManager – all of which are created to run exclusively on Mac operating systems.

While Apple already has it’s own music software products in the form of both LogicPro and Garageband, but it wouldn’t be much of a shock if Apple were to have acquired a company like Redmatica, as the company continues to not only become more and more synonymous with the way people listen to, consume and share music, but also with how people, from casual fans to professionals that have been in the game for years, create their music.

Is this a move Apple is making to allow for the incorporation of more music offerings in its existing products? Hard to say. There’s already Garageband for the iPad. Then again, Apple is also famous (or infamous) for ditching products that they feel no longer benefit their bottom line (think MobileMe), so maybe this is their way of phasing out something like Garageband in favor of one or more of the Redmatica products. Or, maybe acquiring the company will help Apple to compliment products like Logic and Garageband.