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American Idol Judges Finally Use Their Save On Jessica Sanchez

So the American Idol Judges finally used their “Save” tonight, and they used it on the person they consider the best in the competition… Jessica Sanchez. Last night was an odd night, as the Judges seemed overly critical of some contestants like poor little Holly and gushed over others like Jessica Sanchez. Personally, I thought Holly was fine last night, but she got raked over the coals by Steven while Jennifer backed him up, and Randy looked like a cat with his tail caught under a rocking chair. Randy actually ended up bailing her out even though it was obvious he knew Steven and Jennifer’s criticisms (and the crowds booing) put him on the spot as he was the last to make a comment.

Tonight I missed 90% of the drama and Durbin’s performance which I actually wanted to see. I did however remember to tune in 10 minutes before the ending only to see 2 groups of contestants and a confused looking Sklyar. Ryan asked her “which group will you choose” and said she wouldn’t pick before he grabbed her and stuck her in the group of Hollie Cavanagh, Phillip Phillips, and Colton Dixon. Then Ryan declared that group safe leaving Elise, Jessica, and Joshua’s heads on the chopping block. Immediately the judges started complaining, and saying “America got it wrong.” I immediately started thinking, wow what a setup…

The judges have adored Jessica from the beginning and have made it pretty evident that she’s the one to beat over the past few weeks. I’ve not seen every episode, but honestly I can’t remember them saying anything bad about her since she’s been on. It was obvious to everyone that somebody was getting saved tonight, and I was a little shocked when it was Jessica who they said America voted to send home. The judges however took that shock away when they all got up on the stage during her “goodbye” song before J. Lo’s fine self grabbed the mic and said there was no reason for her to finish as she’s getting saved. That whole move really reeked of “setup” and showed America who the judges (or J. Lo at least) wants to win.

Don’t get me wrong Jessica Sanchez can flat-out sing, and certainly didn’t deserve to be in the bottom three based on talent. That being said, she’s a bit too cocky for my taste (not a fan at all) so maybe America agreed or maybe it was all a big ol’ setup. Were you surprised by “Americas” decision tonight or do you think it was just a ruse as they pick had to be used soon anyway?

  • mtpascoe

    This melodrama that JLO and her cohorts pulled made me sick.  If they were going to use their save, then at least let Jessica earn it by singing for it.  The first few notes that came out of her was horrible and no better than Heejun which they chose not to save. I think he got the shaft.  I knew when they didn’t save him that they were saving their save for Jessica. 

    I am a trained singer and when I watch a show like Idol or the Voice, I try to listen and not take favorites.  During the first week of live shows, I thought Jessica was off.  I didn’t have anything against her at the time.  Then the judges said she was the best singer they ever had.  Really?  I could not believe my ears.  

    Then when I heard Hollie, I thought she was brilliant.  And when they unloaded on her, once again, I could not believe what I was hearing.  

    The bias week after week is getting obvious.  If they don’t stop this, they will lose their ratings. 

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/QDQDOBOHTWUQEOOMC3CKHJVG4M marita

      During the first week of live shows you heard Jessica was off and you’re a trained singer ? First, a trained singer would know how to judge. I’m a big Hollie fan and she’s a real threat to Jessica by voice and by demographics. But Jessica’s off only (slightly) when she did an Estefan song. There’s such a thing as “liking your favorite”, “judging for the best”, and “lying about who you don’t personally like”.  I know how to judge without bias. On the subject of bias, the three judges especially Steven and Randy are a little too much for Hollie, but they’re no match to Simon’s “don’t care about your feeling” attitude when it comes to judging. Being viewers of this competition, these contestants know what they’re into and should expect what to hear.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/QDQDOBOHTWUQEOOMC3CKHJVG4M marita

      I forgot, you said: “I didn’t have anything against (Jessica) at the time” (these are your words), untill you heard judges proclaim she’s one of the best singer.  “One of the best”  is a fair declaration. After hearing that from the judges, did you start being against Jessica? – if your words are to be scrutinized, because you’re talking about BIAS.

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