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America Has To Vote For Sunday Best Winner!

Sunday Best Season 7 Episode 3

Sunday Best Season 7 Episode 3

We’re down to the wire. Tonight is a fight to the bone where America votes on who goes home and which other is crowned the winner of Season 7 of Sunday Best. Contestants Geoffrey Golden and Candace Benson, the youngest singers of the season are set to battle it out for the title of Sunday Best and win a recording contract with Fo Yo Soul Records. To ease into the competitiveness of the show The Mississippi Mass Choir, along with Sunday Best Season three winner Le’Andria Johnson, performed the opening number with elegance and grace.

Since I write my recap a bit before, during, and after the live broadcast, I will go on to say that I have my money on Geoffrey Golden to win. He’s remained consistent throughout the season and last week he proved he deserves to win. Our cousin, Kirk Franklin, whose been pretty conservative in terms of his wardrobe choices this season, stepped out looking like a lazy, black Hugh Hefner whom left on his pajamas to go fishing.

After a two-week hiatus, Yolanda Adams joins the judge’s table with Donnie McClurkin and Kierra Sheard. Performing ‘Yesterday’ by Mary Mary, Candace Benson took the stage with such a commanding and controlling voice. Kierra loved it and Donnie thought that she was the perfect package; Yolanda was proud. Geoffrey Golden got on stage and sang ‘Glory to Glory’ by Fred Hammond. Goosebumps stood on the back of my neck, plus he arranged the song himself. Kierra felt that Geoffrey was simply a “beast,” with the power in his voice and command that he has once he’s on stage.

Markus Stanley sang a very moving rendition of Our God around the 8:30 mark of the east coast broadcast.

Geoffrey, for the second time of the night, went up on stage to perform ‘Marvelous’ by Walter Hawkins. Every time he sings he sounds much older than what he looks. He’s only 20 years old and has the voice of a man nearly two-fold. At the end of his performance he began to minister. He brought everyone on their feet and, as Hannibal Buress would call it, everyone was ‘Holy Ghost-ing.’ He simply brought Kirk Franklin to tears.

Candace Benson, with her own arrangement, performed Matt Redman’s ‘Heart of Worship.’ I’d say that she was average due to her having to follow Golden’s massive performance.

Go now and vote for your favorite singer now using the BET app on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Or you can call to vote for either one. Call 1800 5237801 to vote for Candace or 1888 55237802 to vote for Geoffrey. Kierra’s word of advice for both singers is they both need to use their gift to bring Jesus to the youth. McClurkin was speechless.

Who are you voting for?

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