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Adam Levine, “Jon Mayer Responsible For Maroon 5 Success”

Adam Levine, lead singer of Maroon 5 has come forth and stated that John Mayer was responsible for his career. He stated that if it wasn’t for Mayer letting him and his band open for him a few years back, they wouldn’t be famous to the degree they are now. They opened a show to over 10,000 people and history was made.

“I’ll always be grateful to him for that,” stated Levine in a video obtained by Entertainment Weekly. “Every artist, every band, when they’re in the process of becoming hopefully very successful, there’s always that moment,” The Voice judge said. He continues, “…I remember being up [on stage] and being totally lit up by the whole thing, and I was just like this is it, I want more.” He truly did get what he wanted as he is one of the biggest artist of today.


Believe it or not but Levine was nervous about performing. He was weary of audience members throwing objects like beer bottles at them on stage but he fear diminished when audiences cheered instead of jeered.


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