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A Review of Songify for Android

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Auto-tuning your voice is nothing new, but a little Android App called Songify from Smule takes it to a whole new level. Want to sound like T-pain reading a children’s book or reciting the Pledge of Allegiance? Not a problem, Songify has you covered…

Songify is the official app of YouTube stars the Gregory Brothers; you’ve probably seen a few of their videos including Double Rainbow and Can’t Hug Every Cat. If you have no idea what I’m talking about look it up on YouTube for a good laugh. The Songify app basically takes your voice and turns anything you say into “music” of sorts. Whether it’s “Good Night Moon” or a book report on Socialism, Songify will autotune your voice and set it to a track.

When you make a fresh track (or one you think is fresh) you can save it to the My Songify tab represented by a double rainbow. The button with the little white guy on it represents the song store where you can select new tracks.The track selection is very limited as you only get around 4-5 tracks to “Songify” yourself too, and the rest will cost you some K-coins which stands for Khush Coins. You can get some by completing in-app offers like downloading games or you can buy them outright.

Last but not least we have the Winning button which lets you see the top tracks on Songify. Here you can hear hits like Smoke, Have I told u l8tly, and my personal favorite All the Songify Snitches. You can search for a particular song, favorite a track or share one. You can see the Top 5 tracks on Songify as well as the 15 most recent cuts.

If you want to Auto-Tune yourself saying anything at all, Songify is the best way to go as there aren’t many other options and it has quite a few songs. That being said, you probably won’t recognize 99% of the tracks they have up and you should get more free ones before having to resort to doing free offers. The songs aren’t that expensive though so there’s that. Another issue I had with the app is the constant barrage of ads as it seems like every time you change sections you get a full screen ad you have to close. Songify is still good for a laugh and you’ll definitely have some fun with it, but there’s also room for improvement in several areas. If you’d like to give it a try you can pick up Smule’s Songify on Google Play for free.


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