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A Review of What’s That Track? for Android

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Think you know music? What’s That Track is a great music based guessing game from Ftrd Uk that will truly put your musical knowledge to the test. I’ve played a few other mobile music trivia games, and usually ace certain categories every time. That didn’t happen in What’s That Track as it’s one of the toughest musical games out there.

When you first fire up What’s That Track? You can choose how many people you want in a game (up to 4) then it’s off to choose a category. The questions cover 14 genres including World Music, Rock, TV Themes, Heavy Metal, 80s, Clubbing, Movie Soundtracks, and R&B just to name a few.

Each game consists of 20 questions and you’re given 30 seconds to listen and figure out your answer. When you think you’ve got it figured out (or time expires) you’ll have 8 more seconds to make choose one of 4 multiple choice answers. When you’re game’s up you’ll get a score and medal based on your performance.  It’s a very simple setup, and quite a bit of fun if you’re into music trivia.



Overall, I really enjoyed playing What’s That Track; I loved the retro backdrop, and the music is all high quality stuff. The questions are also pretty tough compared to similar games as the game was originally released in Europe before coming stateside. This means there is a wider variety of music available, and it also means I no longer rule at 80’s music trivia. I actually only got half of those right, but nailed the TV theme song category.

The only knock I really have on the game is the fact that I did get a quite a few more repeated tracks which can kill gameplay in the long run. I only did 3 categories twice, but probably got at least 12-15 repeats out of 60 questions. Still a good game, but hopefully the dev’s will add more content in the future. If you want to give it a go, you can check out What’s That Track? for free on Google Play.


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