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A Review of Talking Rapper for Android

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Android App developer Talking Toys has put out some cool talking character apps over the past year, and their newest one is called Talking Rapper. As you might have guessed, the team’s newest character is a Rapper and the little guy can really do it all from beat boxing to scratching and mixing hot beats.

The main function of most “Talking Apps” is the ability to repeat back what you say in a funny tone. Talking Rapper does that, but also has several different functions as well. He can rap back what you say, scratch records, paint graffiti, dance, and even do a little beat boxin’. All the controls are laid out along the top of the screen; if you want him to rap you just need to press the mic, the record icon handles scratching, and the headphones are for the beat box. The rapping is subpar which sucks as its mainly what the app is supposed to do. It will repeat back what you say, but it doesn’t do it as well as other apps. The scratching setup lets you pick a song of your choosing and go to work. We threw up some old school Bill Withers and tried to scratch a little on Lovely Day; you can’t do a lot with it to be honest, but it’s still a nice addition to the app.

Beatboxing is done through a 10 button setup; you’ll get ten different beat box sounds to go along with three musical instruments if you really want to make things strange. Want to do a little graffiti? Talking Rapper can take care of that with 5 different background, 3 different caps, and 9 colors of paint. Just like most other talking apps, Talking Rapper allows you to record your actions and share them via the usual channels like Facebook, Twitter, and SMS. As far as the options go, you can adjust the Mic sensitivity which I would definitely recommend as my little rapper was hard of hearing until I adjusted the settings.

Talking Rapper is a fun little app that’s a nice way to kill a little time. It’s got plenty of features to keep you busy, but I do wish they had tightened things up a bit. The response time seemed a little off sometimes, and it would be nice to change the appearance of your rapper. If Woody from Toy Story and Hip-Hop Barbie had a baby it would probably look a lot like the Talking Rapper. He may be able to rap, but his style’s a little jacked up to say the least. If you want to check out Talking Rapper you can find it on Google Play for free.

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