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A Review of Jazz: Trump’s Journey for Android

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I’ve been covering Android games for awhile now, and I’m always on the lookout for something unique. Well, unique is exactly what I found in a Jazzy new Android game from Bulkypix called JAZZ: Trump’s Journey.

JAZZ: Trump’s Journey is a platform game that puts you into the role of a Jazz musician in early 20th century New Orleans. The game is supposed to be parallel to the real life story of Louis Armstrong, and while I don’t know how accurate it is, it’s a great concept (and fun) nonetheless. The controls behind Trump are simple to use; you’ll have two arrows that let you move around and a jump button. As you progress through the stylish stages of the game you’ll form you own Jazz band and even use your trumpet to stop time.

Lil’ Satchmo’s journey won’t be an easy one either as you’ll face danger at every turn. You will get some help along with way, mainly from your special Trumpet that can temporarily stop time.

JAZZ: Trump’s Journey offers gamers 13 funky levels, and while that may not seem like much there is plenty to keep you busy in the levels. You’ll have to collect around 80 music notes per level for a perfect score, and there are photos scattered throughout the levels as well. I’ve found several hidden places already, so I’m sure there are quite a few surprises waiting for you if you search the levels thoroughly. JAZZ: Trump’s Journey doesn’t have any real extras to speak of, but you can adjust a few options like Volume and Sound Effects. Not that you’d want to do that though, as the game has some outstanding music and sound effects.


The odd name and premise behind Jazz made me give it a go, and I’m glad I did. While the game doesn’t possess jaw dropping 3-D graphics, it does have a unique style that really sucks you into the game and gets you involved in the story. The graphics may fool you into thinking Jazz is easy, but you’re probably going to bite the dust more than once unless you’re a game guru of some sort. If you like music and games with a little soul, you’ll definitely want to pick up JAZZ: Trump’s Journey. You can find the game at the links below, and visit the Bulkypix’s website to check out more of their great offerings.


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