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A Review of Motalen’s Wave for Android

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As we’ve said before “good” musical Android games aren’t that easy to find, and unique ones are even rarer. Wave from Motalen has both of those areas covered though as it’s a great little music game that’s definitely unique.Wave is a rhythm game that similar to the Tap-Tap games where you’ll have to tap the screen to the beat to raise your score. Playing Wave is simple as you just need to tap the colored beats as they hit the rings at the bottom of the screen. If the frame goes to the screens edge you’ll need to shake your device, and if you get a vibration you’ve succeeded. There are also colored beats with lines, and if you get one of those you’ll need to tap & hold the note until the end of the line to get your points. Combos are made for going on streaks, and the higher you get your combo the cooler the game gets as the visuals increase along with your score. It’s a very simple premise, that’s very similar to Guitar Hero or Tap Tap.

I’m guessing by now you’re wondering where the “unique” part comes into play. Well the games visuals are outstanding, and you get to use your own music. Yup, no more having to tap the screen to Britney Spears or to some random Techno music as you’ll finally get to use your own tunes and the game will adapt itself to them.


Wave is a visually slick game, and a “must have” if you dig musical tapping games. The visuals are what initially attracted me to the game, and it was a very pleasant surprise to find that I could use my own tunes. There’s a demo version you can try out that’s ad-supported while the full version kills the ads, unlocks your entire music library, and give you free updates all for only $0.99. You can find both versions of Motalen’s Wave on Google Play.

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