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A Review of Gaijin Games Bit.Trip Beat for Android

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Just when I thought I had covered every Rhythm based Android game out there, a new one pop’s up like Bit.Trip Beat from Gaijin Games. This one however was a pleasant surprise, and a great deal as I got it as part of the Humble Indie Bundle 3 for Android a few weeks back. If you’re wondering what sets Bit.Trip Beat’s apart from the rest of the pact it’s easily put in 3 simple words… Psychedelic, Retro, Indie.

The developers describe Bit.Trip Beat as Pong mixed with Interactive Beats and after playing it I’d have to say it’s a dead on assessment. You basically get to play Pong with music notes in a way, and it’s truly  a blast. When you fire the game up you’ll see your paddle on the left side of the screen and little bouncing beats are headed your way from the right. Your job is to deflect them back from whence they came for as long as you can. Your eyes are going to be assaulted by the crazy retro graphics at first, but once you get adjusted you’ll noticed two bars on the screen, one at the top and one at the bottom. The bottom bar is your health while the top bar is a leveling up tool of some sort.

Every time you bounce back a beat the top bar will change, and when it’s full you’ll change screens or the game will change things up graphically. When you miss and drain your health bar you’ll drop back down, and if you get to the black & white screen you’re pretty close to death as that’s the last one before the Game Over screen. Bit.Trip Beat has two modes of difficulty with Easy and Normal, and I “think” there are three modes of play. There are 3 sections labeled Transition, Descent, and Growth, but no real explanation of those or the game itself for that matter. I can play transition, but can’t play the other two; you may have to beat Transition to advance, but I’m still unsure at this time.

I’m a Retro kind of guy as it is and love toys and games from the era of my youth. Bit.Trip Beat is about as Retro as you can get, and it’s also a whole lotta’ of fun. It’s got a great replay factor as you’ll want to try to beat your top score, and the graphics are definitely a sight to behold if you dig the old-school stuff. I highly recommend Bit.Trip Beat to any and all as it’s a great little game. You can pick up Gaijin Games Bit.Trip Beat on Google Play for $0.99.


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