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A Review of Canadian band Metric’s latest album, Synthetica

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In being the first album since Metric’s Award winning 2009 Fantasies, Synthetica certainly has a lot to live up to. Can Metric’s 5th studio album possibly reach the dizzy heights of the latter? Have a listen and see for yourself.

Artificial Nocturne– ‘Artificial Nocturne’ displays a teasing crescendo throughout the track which unfortunately fails to reach the distance. Although good riffs and drum beats surround this one; they unfortunately can’t do enough to redeem this only average song.

Youth Without Youth– As a first single to be release I don’t really think ‘Youth Without Youth’ really did the trick. If I hadn’t have heard previous offerings from the band I may have given up before even listening to the full album.

Speed the Collapse– Although not an amazing song ‘Speed the Collapse’ certainly picks up the pace to what we have come to expect from Metric and sets the groundwork for excitement.

Breathing Underwater– ‘Breathe Underwater’ is a good song although at times appears quite lacklustre. Is it just a teaser for something better? I truly hope so. “I can see the end, but it hasn’t happened yet.” These lyrics perfectly personify the hopeful build up to something great.

Dreams So Real– as Emily proclaims “A scream becomes a yawn.” I can’t help but think the line sums up this whole song.

Lost Kitten– As I listen to ‘Lost Kitten’ I’m sad to say that the disappointment continues.

The Void– “I stayed up to prove I could keep up with you” Can you?

Synthetica– “Hey I’m not synthetica” Emily exclaims throughout the song although I partly disagree. If you ironically call a song “Synthetica” you most certainly need to create the total opposite of this and produce something most original and brilliant.

Clone– “It’s too late in the day to take you on.” It appears Metric have just thrown down the gloves and given up trying to produce something more than an okay pop album. In saying that musically Clone is quite beautiful albeit just not enough.

The Wanderlust– Pretty cool.

Nothing But Time– …and finally the hard-hitting, drum-thumping rock song this album has been preparing for although it’s unfortunately too little too late and dejectedly almost pointless at this late stage.

Lead singer Emilie Haines said “Synthetica is about staying home and wanting to crawl out of your skin from the lack of external stimulation…about forcing yourself to confront what you see in the mirror when you finally stand still long enough to catch a reflection…about being able to identify the original in a long line of reproductions. It’s about what is real v what is artificial.”

I on the other hand take no pleasure in saying that Synthetica is nothing more than a disappointing filler album. I sincerely hope it will be followed up with something more memorable or perhaps Metric may sadly be in danger of fading into rock music obscurity.

I can’t help but think they should have held back some of their better tunes for this album, as they appear to have somewhat run out of steam. Then again perhaps in the past we were simply just spoiled.