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A Recap of NBC’s The Voice – April 23, 2012

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A few weeks back I covered American Idol, but my favorite singing show is definitely NBC’s The Voice. Whereas Idol has kind of dried up over the years, The Voice feels fresher and doesn’t put an age limit on performers which really opens up the competition. I’m not going to go into all the reasons why The Voice is better (Cee-Lo and his Cat), but I will give you a rundown of tonight’s episode…

We started things off with Carson doing his monologue and the coaches cracking up. What’s so funny? Cee-Lo farted, and apparently it smelled as the coaches beside him couldn’t hold in their laughter. He admitted it, and everyone got a good laugh while I got to slip in one more reason that The Voice is better than Idol. On another note Xtina’s boobs stayed in tonight which is a shame, but at least it seems like she threw away the saucer she called a hat for the first part of the season.

First up we’ve got Jamar Rogers who does a fair version of “It’s my Life” by Bon Jovi. It’s a nice song choice considering his story and the coaches agree. Next up is Katrina Parker singing Christina Perri’s “Who do you think you are. Nice song and she sang it well, I’ve just heard it a lot so I kind of zoned out for that one. Mathai sang a little Nelly Furtado with her old hit “I’m Like a Bird”. We learned that once again, Blake hates things going on in the background during performances and this time Adam agrees. Christina get’s uber-bitchy again with Adam (as usual), and basically makes things a bit awkward like she does every week.

James Massone of the greasy hair and lettermen’s jacket fame sang a favorite song of mine with Billy Joel’s “Just the Way You Are” and I wasn’t impressed. Neither was Blake or Christina, but Cee-Lo and Adam loved it. I think he’s a great singer, but I can’t side with a man who wear’s hair band’s or barrettes and wants to be taken seriously. Next up is my boy, Tony Lucca who throws it back at Christina (Adam’s idea) with Britney Spears “Hit me Baby One More Time.” Great idea and I actually liked the rocked out version of it and thought it was very cool. I agree with Blake on the weird background action now though, as they actually took a little away from the performance for me. On the other hand Christina looks pissy about the thing, makes a few Mickey Mouse references and then blows it all off by saying she enjoyed it. Either way, great job and it was hilarious to watch Xtina and the coaches’ reactions.

Like Chessa? I’m not a huge fan and she did Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” which was good, but it’s one of those songs that I personally don’t want to hear anyone else sing besides Whitney.  Nice job though, and the coaches seemed to think so as well. Pip… Pip actually didn’t piss me off quite as much tonight as he took off that weird bow tie. He announced that before he ever performed when he told America that he’s switching it up by removing the offensive neck ornament. He then promptly ruined that by apologizing to the “hipsters” for doing so. He went on to sing a song by Keane called “Somewhere Only We Know” and didn’t do that great. Better than I could do, but yeah not great and only two coaches even commented which I thought was a little odd.

Last but not least we’ve got Juliet Simms. I wanted to like it and I almost did her rendition of Aerosmith’s “Crying”, but I thought it was just a little too all over the place. Blake liked it, Xtina thought it was good, and Cee-Lo compared her voice to leather and called her his “little red corvette” which was pretty funny. I thought she looked hot with the blonde hair, but that’s all I’m going to say otherwise you might hear me say she just butchered a great Aerosmith song. Oops… I just did say that.

Now for the eliminations and Cee-Lo is up first. He gives a speech to his team (a very lengthy one) then eliminates… James Massone! I’m actually a little surprised by his decision, but “The Hair” is officially gone. Now it’s time for Team Adam and he kills the hopes and dreams of  Pip. No more bow-tie and the two most ridiculously dressed contestants are gone from the show.

It was a fun episode tonight, the banter between the coaches was great and some of the performances were as well. Cee-Lo once again killed it with his team performance when they did “Dancing in the Street” and while Adam’s team followed up with their version of the classic cut “Instant Karma”. We did not get to see Purrfect tonight, but we did get to see the return of Cee-Lo’s Emo Wig and a kick ass performance by Goodie Mob. Overall, it was another great episode of The Voice, but I’m curious to see the reactions around the net about who the coaches voted off. Do you think the coaches got it right by eliminating Pip and James (I do) or do you wish someone else had gone home?

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