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A New Way to Listen to music

For years hip-hop artists have been used to endorse products. We’ve seen artists advertise everything from alcoholic beverages, to clothing, and even energy drinks. But as the fabric of the industry has changed so has the business.

Today’s modern day music recording artists have also become savvy business people in various facets of the industry. What now seems to have become a popular trend amongst hip-hop’s more elite artists are establishing unique and individual brands on the product side of recording, such as Beats by Dre headphones.

Beats by Dre headphones/speaker products are manufactured and distributed under license by Monster Cable Products and marketed by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine of Interscope records. The company began in 2008 and have become an incredible success since being placed on the market. The company offers various products obviously headphones, but ear buds and speaker systems being used by popular computer and even car stereo systems. More artists in all genres of music have begun and continued to use the products for the specific needs in recording and mixing studio records. Fans have also become more connected with their favorite artists by using products such as Beats by Dre for their own personal use.

Dre’s venture sparked the creation of other similar artist branded electronics to compete in a now growing market. Def Jam South recording artist, Ludacris, released his “Soul” headphones through
Signeo electronics last year. 50 Cent joined the party as well with his “Street” and “Sync” custom headphones with SMS Audio. Jay-Z’s label Roc Nation has linked up with Skull Candy with their recent “Aviator” line. Section 8 has also released their new line of “Prestige” signature edition headphones by Daddy Yankee. Even legendary Wu-Tang founder RZA has launched his recent brand of “Chambers” street headphones. Retail Value of each product is listed from as low as $150.00 to $400 for a single pair, depending whose brand the consumer fancies.

It seems we are in a new era in music indeed, with artists leading the way in new electronic product branding. When one looks back from both an inside and outside perspective, who is better suited to provide us with the electronics technology of tomorrow than the individuals who’s careers are built around the usage of such products? With all brands named above gaining popularity amidst their respected corners of the market, we can only guess what’s in store for the next generation of music lovers. Possibly a Lady Gaga karaoke machine or an affordable line of Justin Bieber studio microphones? One can only imagine where the possibilities are from here.