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A Musicians Guide To Using Spotify

As fast a pace today’s music world moves, it’s difficult to keep up with day by day. It’s a minute to minute – if not second to second paced industry considering all the variables it takes to succeed as an artist. In shifting from physical distribution to digital, there is now a completely new format for marketing music. Independent artists now have services such as CdBaby and Tunecore to sale digital copies of their music on. Also sites like iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Zune, and Napster, just to name a few are among the growing list of digital retailers. Amidst the new realm of digital distribution, also lies new streaming services for artists/fans such as Spotify.

If you haven’t heard of or been using Spotify in the past 9 months, it’s safe to say you are completely out of the loop. Hailing from Sweden, it is a legal and resourceful streaming music service available in over 15 countries. With a continuously growing music catalogue it now boasts over 14 million members worldwide. As an artist/musician, if you are currently using Tunecore or Cdbaby it is available within the digital distribution package. Although the revenue received may not be equivalent to that of a digital copy of a song and/or album, it serves its own unique purpose nonetheless.

Now that Spotify has partnered with Facebook, it is easier than ever to share your music with friends and fans. The social networking integration shows exactly what your friends are listening to in a second by second feed within the desktop app. If your music is on Spotify simply share a link to a friend or post it to a Facebook/Twitter status post. Friends and followers who are using the streaming music service will instantly be taken to your song/album page for playback. The beauty of the social network integration is the ability to see if your connections have a taste in music similar to that of which you create. If you see a “friend” that plays music related to your own, simply send them a message from the social feed and wait for a hopeful response.

When promoting your music to your social networking connections, it is critical to be mindful of their privacy and not become too overbearing with your communications. I suggest promoting the fact you are on Spotify and iTunes both in digital and print advertising as well. Regular Spotify users will not only appreciate the convenience of your music’s availability but will see how you are staying ahead of the curve and up to date with the changes of the digital age. Showing the various platforms to showcase your music will prove to fans and professionals alike how serious you are about your work.

Personally, I think Twitter is the best service for immediate promotion and response for potential new fans, connections, and collaborations – so I suggest posting Spotify links on Twitter as often as possible, say at least three times a day depending on how much music you have available on the network. I have yet to dabble in the community forum, but I’m sure there is a reasonable amount of new connections awaiting if you are the type to partake on interactive forums.

Yes the digital age continues to offer aspiring artists/musicians opportunities to increase their exposure, fan base, and overall chance to have their music heard by those who will appreciate it now and in the future. As an independent artist myself, I consider Spotify a blessing and look forward to more ways to utilize its capabilities.