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A Musicians Guide To Using Bandcamp

From Myspace to Youtube, promoting music to the masses is a click away from exposure and a couple social network posts away from building a core fan-base.

One of the most useful platforms in recent years for digital music and merchandise sales has been Bandcamp.

Bandcamp is a digital distribution service where musicians can offer their music for sell or free download. Its fast, simple and easy. In merely a few steps; artists can upload Hi-Quality audio files and artwork, then receive links to download or purchase. Depending on your membership, there maybe restrictions on the amount of monthly free downloads offered. However, a small upgrade will eliminate restrictions. As long as both you and your consumer’s have a PayPal account, 90% of the money received will go directly to you – with the small fee going to Bandcamp’s distribution service. As of today, musicians have earned close to $20 million dollars from Bandcamp sales!

I suggest using Bandcamp for artists who have yet to set up an official website. The interface is sleek and clean, and you can change your Bandcamp domain to your official domain name, for example: yourmusic.bandcamp.com or yourmusic.com. The share button allows you to post to any of your numerous social networks and also enables an embed code to post a player to blogs, forums, Facebook, etc. Another great feature is the “enter e-mail for download” option where bands/artists offer free mp3 download links in exchange for e-mail addresses.

There’s virtually every conceived means of promotion available through bandcamp releases. Facebook “like” buttons on individual songs and albums, streaming only, twitter share buttons – you name it. Collecting e-mail addresses is the key to building a consistent means of artist to fan communication for new song and video releases. Your core fans will do your promoting for you as long you continually engage with interaction and offer incentives, a key tool when using Bandcamp.

I’ve been using the FREE service now for almost two years, and keeping track with all my page statistics as well as the revenue received keeps me continually using the service. The key to increase your music’s exposure is to consistently use the integrated social networking tools, e-mail blasts, and post music players everywhere possible.

Bandcamp is one of the best tools for the independent musician as long as you continue to use it as often as possible and work to showcase your brand/music everywhere on the net. Much of the content I receive through e-mails from blog sites and indie artists alike use Bandcamp to promote their releases. You definitely don’t want to be the oddball out in the digital music era, if you plan on surviving in the online media jungle that shows no mercy to amateurs.