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A Message to Sony,Universal and Warner: This is Why we hate you

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Hate is a very powerful word, huh? Maybe I should have chosen despise, but In the words of Eduardo Saverin in the Movie “The Social Network, “I had to get your attention Mark.”

I was reading two interesting stories this morning on Digital Music News and VentureBeat. One is titled ‘A Major Label Artist Makes 8 Cents On a 99-Cent iTunes Download’ and the other one is Shameful: Sony raised prices on Whitney Houston’s digital music 30 minutes after her death.

Both stories are self-explanatory but definitely deserve to be read, because they highlight the truth of the immoral policies of the recording industry and give people even more reason to continue to pirate music.

With the cost of shipping, recording, and manufacturing a physical product being reduced tremendously record labels are paying artists less for even more labor. Isn’t this what the Civil War was fought over? Taxation without representation. Record labels are even offering young artists 360 deals for a percentage of their performance money and publishing money.

In my opinion the recording industry is a bunch old friends passing around money too each other and sucking the blood out of young talented artists, but I am happy to see the table changing with new and emerging technologies.

In the next few years I am hoping to more young independent labels like Rostrum Records and music start-ups up disrupting this old buddy,buddy system.

Instead of paying the artists less the major labels need to demand that these online companies like Facebook and YouTube start paying them for their user-generated content like cover songs, and lyric videos which amass millions of views.

I mean promo is cool, but it doesn’t pay the bills.

Maybe it’s just me?

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