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A Brief History of The SXSW Music Festival

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For the past 25+ years the SxSw music/film festival in Austin Texas has become one of the largest entertainment events in the world. Every year for nearly ten days during the second week of march, the city of Austin receives close to 50,000 extra people who attend the festival. There are three parts of the SxSw experience; the Interactive, Film, and Music which all attract a vast array of entertainment enthusiasts from around the world.

SxSw interactive and Film festivals usally kick off the event on the second friday of March and last for 5 days. SxSw Interactive is geared towards those in the tech world and showcases presentations from some of the brightest minds in the industry. There are several networking events hosted by industry leaders that showcase the best new digital works, video games, and innovative ideas offered by the international community.

The Film festival is exactly that; whereas film enthusiasts attend several screenings and networking events that premier some of the most noteworthy film releases. The SxSw music festival has grown immensely over recent years to become one of the most popular series’ of concerts in the world.
The heart and soul of the entire festival began in 1987 and since has grown to showcase over 2,000+ bands from all over the world.

Recent years have seen live performances by Jay-Z, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, Big Boi, Snoop Dogg just to name a few. Considering Austin is the live music capitol of the world, there are more than enough venues for music lovers of every type. In order to attend just go to the official website at SxSw.com and get your bracelet in order to catch all the official showcases. Although there are hundreds of unofficial showcases and after-parties to enjoy if you’re willing to take the time to find them. Bands who have a sonicbids account can register to perform.

There are several opportunities to network and promote throughout the entire festival. I’ve had the pleasure of attending and performing during SxSw since 2008 and I can tell you it is everything you can imagine and more.

Luckily I’ve had an opportunity to meet some of my favorite artists throughout that time as well as network with like minds in the industry. If you happen to have a week open in march, I suggest taking a trip down to Austin, Texas and experience one of the most exhilarating multimedia/music festivals in the world.

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