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8 Fun Facts about Wiz Khalifa

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Amber Rose and Whiz Khalifa kissing
When people hear the name Wiz Khalifa most folks either think of his tats, his penchant for the chronic or that catchy little tune known as Black & Yellow. Well here’s 8 Fun Facts about Wiz Khalifa that you might not know…

As with most musicians, actors or celebrities Wiz Khalifa is a stage name. Wiz was actually born Cameron Jibril Thomaz in Minot, North Dakota in 1987.

Now that you know his real name here’s how he came up with his strange stage name. Khalifa is an Arabic word meaning successor or wisdom which was shortened to Wiz early on. The rapper also stated that when he was younger he was good at everything and was called “Young Wiz.”

Like a lot of artists Wiz Khalifa started at a very young age. He decided he wanted to rap at the age of 8, and has been on course since he was 15 years old. Some of the early artists he was into include Bone Thugs, Wu Tang, Jimi Hendrix and Biggie.

Whiz Khalifa and Currensy Smoking

Anyone that’s listened to Wiz’s music knows he’s fond of the erb’. His 2011 albums was called Rolling Papers, and he’s said that he spends up to $10,000 a month on weed and smokes every day.

Before Kanye got with Kim K. he was with the bald, busty beauty known as Amber Rose. Guess who’s she’s with now? Wiz Khalifa proposed to Amber Rose earlier this year and they are expecting their first child together.

Wiz’s first radio smash is the well-known track called Black and Yellow. Did you know he originally wrote it hoping that it would be picked up by the Pittsburg Steelers during their Super Bowl run? Needless to say it was and it peaked at #1 during the week of the Super Bowl.

whiz khalifa onifc album-cover
If you’ve ever watched Wiz Khalifa perform you know he loves his tattoos as much as his weed. He’s basically covered with them and no matter how much we looked we could never get a solid figure. We’re guessing close to 100, but his favorite one is the one that says “Self Made”.

Keeping with the tattoo angle, did you know Wiz got his first tat when he was only 16? Even before that Wiz already had a plan to be covered in tattoos and plans on getting tattoos forever.