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8 Artists That Need To Brought Back Via Hologram

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Tupac, at Coachella 2012, got the hologram treatment, performing for thousands of people with Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre Many fans thought a Tupac concert was on the horizon but they have since been disappointed. Fast forward one year later and we were given the gift of seeing Eazy E and Ol’ Dirty Bastard at Rock The Bells. Despite both being dead for several years, they were brought to life using this sci-fi inspired technology.

Those events were the catalyst of many conversations about who should be illuminated next. We’ve seen the technology done with hip-hop artists and it looks fantastic. It boggles my mind on how they accomplish it but I want to see more of it. How awesome would it be if they made a projection of Bach or Beethoven conducting an orchestra? I highly doubt that would happen but I could dream, can’t I? If I had an unlimited budget, I would produce a hologram Woodstock. Giving this a lot of thought, here are the eight acts I would want to perform.


8. Johnny Cash

Yesterday marked the tenth anniversary of the death of Johnny Cash, one of the greatest country musicians to ever grace this earth. He was influenced many of today’s acts and provided all of us with a catalog of original music as well as some of the greatest cover songs. A Boy Named Sue, Ring of Fire, Walk The Line, Folsom Prison Blues and Hurt are just a few of the songs that Cash is famous for. Getting the Man in Black on stage one last time for a new audience who never had to experience him would be a phenomenal idea. Maybe even a guest appearance by June Carter Cash for a duet would sell it for many.



7. Jimi Hendrix

The guitar playing, funkadelic rockstar that was infamous for rocking out on a lit guitar would be a great addition to Hologram Woodstock. Jimi Hendrix has an elite following and many artists, from rock to rap, have covered his music; the originals are always the best. He could be a headliner or he could open up the show with his rendition of The Star Spangled Banner to hype of the crowd. Either way, I would be ecstatic.







6. Tupac

Tupac was first immortalized at Coachella last year and surprised everyone. Talk spread about a Tupac concert that never materialized but still people have hope. Tupac, whom many consider to be the greatest rapper of all time, would sell tickets. Many people, especially those raised on Lil’ Wayne and Drake, could have their minds open up with Pac’s array of music that stems from his Digital Underground days to his Death Row days. Throw in Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg and you have a set that is worth the price of admission.







5. The Notorious B.I.G.

The other greatest rapper ever, Biggie Smalls. The foil to Tupac almost, Biggie Smalls is known for his charm, wit, and his size; dude was huge, let’s face it. With two classic studio albums and his signature nasally growl you could immediately identify who he was on every song he was featured on. Bring Diddy out with hologram Chris Wallace, and have him do the Harlem Shake, and you have an awesome, nostalgic set to remember. Imagine hearing the crowd sing, “I love it when you call me Big Poppa!”







4. Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley was, and is, universally recognized for his signature voice, clothes, and catalog of music. He’s often parodied in the media and his music is used through out pop culture from movies, shows, and commercials. Though some people call him a hack, there are millions upon millions of fans that would purchase a lunch box with his face on it. A hologram performance of Jailhouse Rock would be more than enough to please the masses.







3. Michael Jackson

Though we’ve got The Michael Jackson Experience, a video game released posthumously, we were sort of robbed of a tour. While preparing for a tour, he croaked, causing fans all over the world to weep. He had an eclectic career that started when he was a young black boy and ended when he was a grown white man. He gave us such classics as Off The Wall, Bad and Thriller. He gave us Thriller. Hologram Michael Jackson moonwalking to the tune of Wanna Be Starting Something would have the audience faint in pure pleasure.






2. Nirvana

Now Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl are still alive but lead singer Kurt Cobain isn’t.  Having committed suicide back in 1994, Cobain was considered a musical genius at the time. Nirvana is considered to be the greatest grunge band ever and their song Smells Like Teen Spirit is widely regarded as the best song of the 1990s. There are plenty of fans that want to relive that experience of watching Nirvana grace the stage and other fans that have yet to experience it.



1. The Beatles

They are considered the greatest band of all time and have a large variety of music in their catalog. Their music is heard everywhere; you walk outside and you hear a song from Rubber Soul, you turn on the television and you hear a song from A Hard Day’s Night. They’re immortalized in pop culture so why not see them all on stage again. Forget a Hologram Woodstock, they could do a whole tour with just these guys and sell out worldwide. Why isn’t anyone planning this out yet?