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Last Summer an indie artist connected with popular digital music distribution service Tunecore named Jennifer Paige of the duo Paige & Palermo (described by MTV’s “Buzzworthy” as an electronica-tinged Lady Antebellum) wrote an informative and engaging piece entitled “7 Game Changing Ways To Get Press Without A Publicist”. The point of the article was that Paige wanted to express that independent artists, for all intents and purposes, are pretty much on their own in this day and age when it comes to not only building their careers as musicians and performers, but also in terms of gaining that all important press. Paige intelligently and cunningly expressed that indie artists, whether they like it or not, NEED blogs, social media followers, radio and live show attendees to support them if they hope to succeed. Some of her ways for getting great press on shoestring budget and without an official publicist include the following:

Become newsworthy – “Do a little investigating and compile a media list for your style of music (or purchase one online).”

When the ember starts to burn, blow- “When you approach new leads, reference the most credible publications who have featured you and your work.”

Write an informative blog – “Include a link to your music or website in every blog post you create.”

The full 2013 article can be read on the Tunecore blog here: http://www.tunecore.com/blog/2013/06/7-game-changing-ways-to-get-press-without-a-publicist.html

This timely article got us here at SoSoActive.com to think of a few more ways independent artists can help themselves in getting press without the aid of a massive budget or a professional publicist. Here are six ways these artists can do just that.



1. SHAKE HANDS, KISS BABIES – Networking is still what it’s all about. After your finish a performance, go into the crowd and do some mixing and mingling.

Teresa+Jenee interview
2. VISIT MUSIC NEWS SITES TO SEE WHO AND WHAT THEY FEATURE – Between the major sites and all of the blogs that pop up so often, the resources are plentiful. Stay informed and knowledgeable about the artists and music that are featured on these sites.

Snoop Dogg SXSW 2012
3. WHEN AT FESTIVALS, SEEK OUT THE PRESS YOURSELF – The festival model isn’t going away any time soon. If you’re blessed enough to attend and perform, take some initiative and introduce yourself to press agents confidently but politely.

A Musicians Guide to Using SoundCloud
4. MAKE A SOLID SOCIAL MEDIA PLAN – A well thought out, professional, crisp, interesting social media presence could go a long way. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest, among others, should be some of your best friends.

College Dropout Books
5. WHEN YOU HAVE SOME DOWNTIME, READ – Books, trade publications, websites, and magazines: they all have some great information on how to connect with the music media.

AEI Media
6. CONNECT WITH LOCAL MEDIA OUTLETS – Local music is as big as it’s ever been, and local media knows this. Make it a point to build relationships with local newspapers, alternative magazines, radio stations, live venues and even on air news stations if you can.

The fact is, the D.I.Y. Spirit has permeated the music industry at all levels. So don’t sit around and wait for it: your success is out there and it needs you to grab hold of it and not let go. All the best to you!

Ron Grant is a freelance journalist and blogger originally from Detroit and currently residing in Orlando. He is a contributor at HipHopDX.com, is the lead writer for Orlando-based indie music label Conscious Mind Records and runs his own independent music blog, The Music Nerdvocate. Follow him on Twitter @RonGreezy.