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5 Videos for Halloween

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Happy Halloween everyone!! If you’re on the East Coast and in the path of Frankenstorm Sandy, I hope you’re all safe!! But if you’re stuck inside like most people I know over here, hopefully these videos will help you pass at least some time and bring back some entertaining Halloween memories…

5. Backstreet Boys “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)”LOL I had to do it!! Hahahaha…don’t tell me y’all didn’t jam to this song back in the day?!

4. Missy Elliott “Get Ur Freak On”Ummm…this video was pretty weird right?? I was always pretty freaked out when her head snaked off like that lol…

3. Michael Jackson “Ghost”MJ always had such an interesting affinity to ghosts, monsters, zombies & the like…I love it when that skeleton starts GETTING IT like MJ!! Haha

2. Busta Rhymes “Gimme Some More”This video always scared me so much!! And it didn’t help that it sampled the theme from Psycho…but I always loved this song

1. Michael Jackson “Thriller”Of course no surprise here, one of the most GENIUS & influential videos from the King of Pop himself!

So, what are your other favorite scary / videos songs that I missed??

Read the Original Story at: accompanykike

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