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5 Things Women Hate But Men Love

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So we’ve established that men and women are completely different creatures. Especially when it comes to our likes and dislikes. Here’s a list of things that men seem to love, while women feel completely different.


1. Sports – Sorry guys, but it’s true. No matter how much your lady says she doesn’t mind you watching the game, the truth is she does. To some women, games are for children. So to watch a group of grown men chasing each other around with a ball is an utter waste of time. There are a million more productive things we could be doing, but we love our guy so we suffer through it.


2. Video Games – Again, games are for children. There is nothing that gets under a woman’s skin faster than to see her man sprawled out on the couch with a game controller in his hand. Especially if she is cooking or cleaning. Men, have your games, but make sure you’ve done your chores first. Unless you are looking to cause problems with your lady.


3. Porn – Men love porn. This is no secret. And a lot of women will sit down to watch a good flick with their man, if it makes him happy. But please believe the thoughts going through a woman’s mind during the show is completely different than her man. Men think, “Wow, I gotta try that!” while their lady sits next to them thinking, “No she didn’t just do that!” Men, if you want to bring out the inner freak of your partner, porn is probably not the way to do it.


4. Thongs – Yeah, they may be sexy to look at, but try walking around all day with a string in your —, well, you get it. Give a girl a break, fellas. It’s hard enough being a woman in this world, don’t expect sexy all the time.


5. Bad Manners – We all want to be comfortable around our significant others. We all like to feel like home is the place we can kick back and be ourselves. But guys, this doesn’t mean your lady wants to see you scratching yourself or hear you farting all over the couch. Stay classy, or respectful, which ever means more to you. Your woman wants to think of you as clean and smelling good. Not looking and smelling like you need a bath.

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