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5 Things you Might Not Know about Jimmy Iovine

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If you’re watched American Idol over the past 2 seasons you’ve probably seen the older gentleman that coaches up the contestants behind the scenes and goes back in forth with the judges from time to time. That is Jimmy Iovine, and he was well known way before Idol ever aired. So what’s Jimmy Iovine character all about? Here are 5 things we’re guessing you didn’t know about Jimmy Iovine…

Lots of celebrities get shout-outs in songs, and Jimmy Iovine is no exception. Bruce Springsteen gave Jimmy a nod in his song “Aint’ Good Enough For You” where he threw in the line… “Hip and cool, just like Jimmy Iovine.” If “The Boss” thinks you’re cool enough to give you a nod like that in a song, you’ve gotta’ be pretty damned cool…

If you’re into headphones for your mobile or just in general chances are you’ve heard of Beats by Dre. Well you might not know that it’s actually Beats by Dre and Jimmy Iovine as Jimmy is actually the Co-Founder of the Beats product line.

Jimmy Co-Founded Interscope…yup, that Interscope in 1990 and helped introduce artists like Eminem, Limp Bizkit, No Doubt, and Eve. Jimmy Iovine is not the first name to come to mind when you thought of Interscope back in the day, but he really helped to give several major artists a push.

Jimmy’s Ex-Wife is famous as well… a famous author that is as Vicki McCarty is author of the best selling “The Girfriend’s Guide” series. I’ve obviously not read the books, but from what I’ve heard they are very, very popular with the ladies. She was also a Playboy Playmate which is a pretty nice claim to fame as well.

Everyone has heard of Lady Gaga, unless you live on the Moon or under a rock in some remote location. Well, you might not know that Jimmy was actually the person to sign the singer/performer/ball of weirdness known as Lady Gaga. He was her perform at Lollapalooza in 2007, and signed her shortly after