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5 things I Would change About The Music Industry

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I’ve been a music recording artist for over 5 years now, but I’ve been a die hard music lover my entire life. As much as I’ve learned in my brief time as an artist, I’ve come to realize how flawed this industry is and how the control of the many by the few leaves fans at a disadvantage. Because of the greed and manipulation in the industry, fans are force-fed shallow and drab renditions that represent the worst behavior as individuals and society alike.

While this is happening, a large population of wholesome and talented artists get ignored in the process of trying to find that bright young star that can grant label wishes of profit and power.

It doesn’t matter what genre you turn to, the ego-driven monotony of today’s music pushes the will of younger artists and the desire of the fans to seek what they don’t have.

While there isn’t a single person or persons to blame for the shortcomings of music, there’s always solutions that can be presented to curtail this problem. Here are 5 things I’d change about music if I had the resources to do so.

1. Artist owned interest in record label deals. It’s unfair that so many artists are slaves to their contracts and are forced to abide by the demands of the label. Many have to change their musical style and compromise their creativity in order to please the commercial appeal every label requires. As apart of artist contracts, I’d add clauses that give the artist percentage owned stock in the label itself. This gives incentives for artists to not only do well in pleasing their respective fan-base, they’d involve themselves in more constructive collaboration to help their fellow artist.

2. More technologically equipped radio stations that offer a wide variety of high-definition satellite, and internet radio services/programs in which the listeners have more interaction and control. The same type of functioning we’re already seeing with Spotify, Rdio, Last.fm, Pandora, etc. If fans were exposed to more diverse music, trust me, their musical tastes would change and so would the type of requests that would be made to radio stations.

3. I’d also create a more structured system of artist networking services that serve a multitude of tasks that serve as filters submitting new artists music based on an almost application like process to be heard and considered for major distribution and press. This could also turn into a preemptive development process whereas ambitious young artists could mold their crafts better preparing them for the commercial world almost like an academy styled system that help refine the skills of new and undiscovered talent.

4. A more distinguished and diverse system of filtering old music and new music eliminating unnecessary entities like billboard charts that give fans an illusive idea of the relevance of popular music. Just because a particular artist or song has billboard placements and awards doesn’t give their music more or less relevance or quality than those don’t have this particular advantage due to the backing and promotion of major labels and their large budgets.

5. A completely artist/fan controlled element of the industry as a whole. Its time the artists chose how to make their music with no interference and how we choose to hear the music as fans. The old business model of music is deceased and has changed to a point the only likely chances of success for the future is to give the artists and the fans control and not the labels. Shows like American Idol and The Voice coupled with services like Twitter have proven to be the wave of the future in how music is discovered and shared.

Now I don’t consider myself an expert by any means , I’ve just come up with several ideas that could jump-start a revolution in the way the system of producing, distributing and sharing music is done. I also believe by combining forces and ideas, those of us who have a background in music can create a brighter future for the industry and a better product for the consumer.

Matt G is independent recording artist and viral marketing expert from Austin, TX. His music can be heard at: mattgmuzik.com