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5 Reasons You Should BUY Janelle Monae “The Electric Lady”

Ok, so I’m gonna keep this short & sweet, because there’s frankly TOO MUCH to say about this album. And this is a purely (incomplete) instrumental analysis, gathered from the first listen. I’m sure an entire dissertation could be written, lyrically & stylistically, about this album. But here’s a fun little table of comparisons:

 Reason  Track  Sounds Like
 #1  12: “It’s Code”  Jackson 5
 #2  13: “Ghetto Woman”  Stevie Wonder
 #3  16: “Can’t Live Without Your Love”  Frank Ocean “Sweet Life
 #4  18: “Dorothy Dandridge Eyes”  Michael Jackson “I Can’t Help It
 #5  19: “What an Experience”  “I Want to Know What Love Is” (Mariah’s version is my favorite)


Bonus: Title Track (Track 4 “Electric Lady”) just because it’s great & it’s the first thing Solange has done (musically) that I actually like… O_o

Bonus #2: PRINCE. (Track 2 “Givin ‘Em What They Love”)

Bonus #3: Everything in between = musical beautifulness

In conclusion: If you like anything in the third column of the table above, or PRINCE, or musical beautifulness…then you should LISTEN – and then BUY. Exclusive album preview here. Enjoy!

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  • JayJay

    I have a love/hate relationship with the song “What an Experience” because I love it, yet it makes me so sad because that means the album is about to be over.

  • adriK

    this aLBUM IS A CLASSIC who make these pop records nowadays? no one except janelle