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5 New School Rappers the Notorious B.I.G. Would of Liked

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Ask any hip-hop fan of the past 20 years who’s the greatest M.C. of all time and you’ll more than likely receive a guaranteed two answers, Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G.  The answer will more than likely depend on the type of fan you ask as well as their geographical origin. One has to ask of course, if these two legendary greats were alive today, who would they consider equal to their upper echelon level of lyricism?  Here are five new school rappers I believe the Notorious B.I.G. would have given co-signed approvals had he been alive to hear their lyrical prowess today.

 Jay Electronia – Make no mistake of Jay’s unbelievable lyrical talent, he is definitely been a name thrown around as of recent, of torch bearers.  Considering his affiliations with Diddy and Jay-Z I believe its only right we hand him what would have been a well deserved notoriety from Biggie Smalls himself. Though his stability as an artists is consistently in question, his skill and impact on the new school would’ve gained him recognition from the original rap king of Brooklyn, NY. 

Saigon – Yes its difficult to consider Saigon, that of the new school considering his time in the game, but lets face it.  In the recent years, the east coast has suffered to offer hip-hop a consistency of notable acts to bring the once glorified and cherished rap origin.  Considering Biggies more gangstafied content and in-depth tales from the street, Saigon’s witty lyricism, and sharp wordplay would’ve been taken well by one true mentor to almost every elite lyricist in the game. 

Jay Cole – Though another writer on this specific blog has already listed Cole as a possible Tupac co-sign, it just wouldn’t seem right not to add his name to Biggie’s list of new school approvals.  As close as Jay-Z and Notorious were, I believe Jay definitely hit the nail head with this suitable protege in every aspect of the word.  And with much of the love and appreciation his fans show to his craft, Cole would’ve received acknowledgement from both greats on that rite alone.

Lil B – I know what you’re thinking.  Wtf, this dude’s crazy?  But if you managed to get passed the Based God’s off key and dramatic marketing tactics, you’ll see an intense and deep story teller with his unique rap style. Not necessarily the most talented lyricist of them all, Lil B’s ability to draw in his almost cult-like following of Basedheads is one that deserves praise on any level in this wishy-washy world of obscure art.  And all I have to say is if Jada already gave his nod of approval, once you take time to listen to Based God’s album work, Christopher Wallace would’ve happily obliged. 

Slaughterhouse – Once again, I can see how hard it would be to use slaughterhouse as a significant new school act, but they are recent as a collective.   And personally I wanted to use Joe Budden as a solo artist on this list as I believe he is by far the best story-telling rapper of today’s generation of lyricists. But once you take the refined skills of every member of the rap supergroup, there would be no point in excluding any one of them from a list of M.C’s that would’ve received commendation from arguably the most talented story-telling lyricist that ever lived.