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5 Great American Drinking Songs

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Drinking has always been a great American pastime. Some like beer, brown liquor, clear liquor or mixed. Here are a few songs that will definitely get you in a Drinking mood.

J-Kwon | Tipsy
A great club banger from one of the coolest ‘one hit wonders’ I’ve ever met.

Dj Quick | Tonite
This track takes me back to my childhood before even was able to start drinking. This joint right here makes you wanna get a 40 oz of Old English

Lil Jon | Shots
This track right here gets the party turned up to 120, Miami Beach style

P-Diddy feat Busta Rhymes | Pass the Courvoisier
a Late Classic by Diddy and Busta Rrhymes. Before the Ciroc Era began.

Travis Tritt | Country Club
Classic song by country music legend, Travis Tritt, “I’m a member of a country club, country music is what I love.”