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5 Best Rap Songs By Athletes

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Since the 90’s numerous athletes have taken a stabs at the art of rapping. One of the most interesting commercials that I’ve seen lately, featured Dallas Cowboy owner, Jerry Jones, rapping in a Papa John’s commercial. It was kinda of cool to see a 70-year-old white guy “jigging” with several makeshift video vixens. They were kind of cute, but at least he could have used a few Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders. With that being said, Here is our list of the five Best rap songs by athletes.

5. Allen Iverson aka Jewels – 40 Bars

4. 1985 Chicago Bears – Super Bowl Shuffle

Chicago Bears SuperBowl Shuffle by jeromeerome

3. Ron Artest – Champions

2. Shaq – You Can’t Stop The Reign

1. Dieon Sanders – Must Be The Money