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4 Streaming Radio Services You Should Know About

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Eventhough Pandora has dominated the streaming radio business for while, times are changing swiftly. There are slew of young and innovative services that are mixing social and human elements to transform traditional and web radio. Here are four of my favorite streaming radio services that I feel you should definitely check out.

Jelli is a popular streaming radio service that puts users in control of what they are listening to 100% of the time. The social radio service has partnered up with some of the best radio stations in the world to give listeners the ability to interact and influence radio broadcasts in real-time. Some of the premier Hip-Hop and rock stations in the U.S. like Power 106 in NY and KITS-FM in San Francisco are partnering up with Jelli to intergrate traditional broadcasting with digital infrastructure.

TuneIn is another popular streaming radio service that partners with over 20,000 radio broadcasters to deliver the best in traditional radio, sports radio, and talk radio. TuneIn offers premium content from popular programmers like BBC, NPR, ESPN and local stations like KEXP 90.3 in Seattle. The streaming radio service is available on over 150 different platforms including Android, iOS, in-car dashboards and online.

iHeart Radio is a streaming radio service created by broadcasting superpower Clear Channel Communications which is one of my personal favorites. When I first launched this site, I posted a article titled ‘iHeart Radio is the Future of Radio’ which explains why I think this is the direction radio should be moving in. iHeart combines 24/7 live streaming radio from 850 of the best local radio stations and gives users the option to create their own channels like Pandora.

WahWah.FM is a mobile music app that allows users to create their own streaming radio stations via their iPhone in minutes. WahWah has over 7 million songs available via it’s database and allows users to share their radio station with friends via their Facebook timeline with Twitter intergration coming in the near future.